Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Tethered Fairy Ring Quilt-a-thon : Shootz by Maria

Many thanks to Maria Davies 
for coming over from Pembrokeshire 
to take the Official Opening photographs of my 
Tethered Fairy Ring Quilt-a-thon
by Deputy Mayoress, Ruth Ferris Price 
at The Great Glasshouse, 
National Botanic Garden of Wales.

I absolutely love this shot! Thanks Maria!

I look like I am flying through the Great Glasshouse, and do you know what, I think I was! 

And also, I love how Maria has captured 
my cheeky fairy shadow!!

You'll see that I am wearing my fairy tights from an earlier shoot ... proving that you can sneak a bit of fairy into every outfit! 

This is Sharron Jones from Purple Alchemist. 
She is an incredible textile designer & artist and worked tirelessly to make the toadstools for the central logo of the quilt. She brought in her portfolio to show me and it is absolutely stunning!

You can find Shootz by Maria on her 
Facebook Group Page
Here's the link

Thanks a Million to Shootz by Maria for capturing the opening of my Tethered Fairy Ring Quilt-a-thon

Massive thanks to Michelle Williams (left) 
the founder of Shelbyart Community 
for all her hard work in leading the quilting for me.

Here's a facebook link to Shelbyart Community, 
a great place to make new friends, 
learn new skills and get creative:

To Rachel Gegeshidze (central) the Co-ordinator of Carmarthenshire Time Credits 

Here's the link to Time Credits. They are a great way of rewarding & promoting volunteering 
in your community ...

And the great news is that our very own Waxcap Wizard has said that the credits earned can be used to return to the Garden on Sunday 13th for the launch of The Tethered Fairy Ring as part of the celebrations for National Fungus Day. They'll be loads of fabulous things to do all day long and I feel very honored to be invited to launch my new West Wales based fairytale in the very Garden where the story seeds were planted

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