Saturday, 14 September 2013

Adrenaline & Fairy Dust

 This is my somewhat humble contribution to the sewing, but it felt lovely to do it!

The fairies for the outside logo circle 
of my quilt get underway

And so do the toadstools ...

 Everyone set about making patches

Many people popped in to offer love & support

While Shelbyart Volunteers very kindly showed others how to learn new sewing skills

Everyone got Spice Time Credits for thier volunteering from Carmarthenshire Time Credits which they can use to access venues including the Garden. What a great reward for their time.

Even friendly faces from my trial story runs at 
Y Ffrwnes Theatre turned up

Michelle Williams of Shelbyart very kindly facilitated & led the quilting. She is busy as I write, putting adrenaline & fairy dust into finishing off my quilt in time for the launch. S
he has a heart of gold!

You'll recognise faces from my 
People's Kitchen event in August! 

Friends from far & wide

A total of 64 patches over 2 days 
were hand- made with love for my quilt!

And you can see my finished Story Quilt at 
The National Botanic Garden of Wales 
when I launch my finished story 
The Tethered Fairy Ring: A Symphonic Poem & Ukulele Overture for the Light Hearted 
as part of 
National Fungus day on 13th October. 
I'll be in The Great Glasshouse.

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