Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Tethered Fairy Ring LIVE in France

So excited to share with you this little fairy taster of The Tethered Fairy Ring being performed in
St. Quentin les Chardonnets in Lower Normandy, France.

An authentic unedited film of the full 20 minute performance is now available:

Please email for details of cost & postage.

We had no funding for this project and paid for all the time, travel, accommodation & publishing ourselves. Many thanks in advance for your support.

Monday, 5 October 2015

A note from a fairy ...

Shhh ... don't tell Cheryl Beer we have jumped on here while she is out of the room.We are the fairies from The Tethered Fairy Ring. 

Cheryl & Susan have put all their fairy time into making the sheet music happen without being paid just because they think it is important to preserve new folk stories and pieces of folk music for future generations.

As you know, it's a tough time for us fairies at the moment and we can't afford to magic the money to pay for their expenses into their bank account. If we could we would. 

Which is why we are asking you to buy one of Cheryl's magical and very special sheet music booklets for £20 earthly pounds ... this covers the postman's wages, the petrol to the post office, paying the printer and the graphic designer for helping Cheryl get her fairy inspired musical notes into the world.

If you would like to have one of these very special booklets of sheet music in your library and be the owner of a beautifully crafted piece of fairy magic, then email:

Thank you ... 

Quick ... she's coming back

Fairy Certificates

Well, seemed a bit daft just sending out the music without saying who it was from. So I made some little certificates to go with them on lovely recycled paper. And now all I have to do is write all the envelopes but it will have to wait until Sunday because I have some fairy magic to wing over to the coast tomorrow. My dancing feet are longing to paddle in the sea and who am I to argue!

Limited Editions

After the performance, we decided to sign 20 limited edition copies of the sheet music. Oh we felt very fairy-like signing away.

 I am going to send them out to people as a thank you from France. I think that will be rather jolly. There'll get the package and think 'France? Who do I know in France?'

And also send to people that might like to have them, like ... The Paris Ukulele Festival.

I have a very special family to send the first limited edition copy to over in Ireland, although I say the first, but I have already given a copy to Bob Edwards whom is POP one of the characters in the story.

When Susan and I were rehearsing we noticed the odd wry note so Susan has changed all 50 copies by hand. 

If you would like to order a copy of my Tethered Fairy Ring Sheet Music I am home now, but am more than happy to send you one from Wales, where I live. The cost is £20.00 including postage but if this is too much money for you, we might be able to work out some other more fairy like arrangement.

Magie Féerique

As I have mentioned before, the rather lovely Susan Berry very kindly offered to notate my composition The Tethered Fairy Ring: A Symphonic Poem for Ukulele ...

... and to celebrate this somewhat momentus occasion of having a composition of mine published as sheet music, I invited Susan and her husband David over to Lower Normandy to the Artist Gites where I am staying for a month performing sound baths and generally having a rather lovely time.

Susan plays Welsh harp. In fact, she was the resident harpist at Teifi Harps in Llandysul for some time and is also runs Clarsach Harp Society in Wales. 

Wouldn't it be  lovely if Susan learnt The Tethered Fairy Ring and we performed it as a duet ... now there's an idea.

So the pair of us started rehearsing. We had 2 sessions before we left and though we'd have 3 days of rehearsals once she was here.

But as it happens, we had only 1 day before the performance day. But never to worry. In the words of Susan 'It'll be fine' and she was right. It was more than fine, it was fine and dandy.

I filmed the performance in the beautiful space of the old church in the village which I remember as being quite small from my last visit, but in actual fact is quite BIG for a village church and very beautiful indeed.

Alison, the lovely artist that owns the gites, she arranged for us to film in the church with the Mairie who very kindly gave permission.

can not thank Susan enough for bringing her beautiful harp all the way to France. I knew it would be awesome but what I hadn't given credit to was the fairy magic that would happen as a result of us being away together. It was quite honestly like being away with family. Susan and Dave and now on my list of forever fairy friends.

The Sheet Music Photo Shoot

How utterly gorgeous to have the sheet music for my Tethered Fairy Ring! With it tucked under my arm I pootled around the orchard taking photographs of it. And why wouldn't you! This was my favourite shot because a very obliging bumble bee did an unwitting photo bomb!

Here are some of the other shots ... lovely apples

Oh and the swing ... 

Seems that Fairy Sheet Music dances everywhere

Time to sit in the sun and drink ... 
apple juice! Well, we are in an orchard

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mon dieu!

I have sprinkled all the fairy dust I can muster to try to make the beautiful photographs from the performance of the Tethered Fairy Ring with Susan Berry on Welsh Harp, appear on these pages but for some reason (maybe my wand doesn't work in France) they just will not upload.

Not to worry I am home in a week and will post them all then instead. Can't wait to show you what a magical time we had, my friends.