Monday, 5 October 2015

Limited Editions

After the performance, we decided to sign 20 limited edition copies of the sheet music. Oh we felt very fairy-like signing away.

 I am going to send them out to people as a thank you from France. I think that will be rather jolly. There'll get the package and think 'France? Who do I know in France?'

And also send to people that might like to have them, like ... The Paris Ukulele Festival.

I have a very special family to send the first limited edition copy to over in Ireland, although I say the first, but I have already given a copy to Bob Edwards whom is POP one of the characters in the story.

When Susan and I were rehearsing we noticed the odd wry note so Susan has changed all 50 copies by hand. 

If you would like to order a copy of my Tethered Fairy Ring Sheet Music I am home now, but am more than happy to send you one from Wales, where I live. The cost is £20.00 including postage but if this is too much money for you, we might be able to work out some other more fairy like arrangement.

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