Monday, 2 September 2013

Telling Fairy Tales


What an incredible weekend at Y Ffwrnes Theatre as part of their Summer Family Festival. I can not thank Rachel Murphy from Arts Care Gofal Celf enough for including me in what can only be described as a dream team of creatives.

The highlight for me personally, other than the amazing children and parents and artists and venue ... was bringing The Tethered Fairy Ring to The Studio on the Sunday Morning.

 I collaborated with other artists, had a Story Craft area where I literally made stories and crafts with the children ... & then Rachel asked me if I would like the Sunday morning spot in the Studio .. well, I was chuffed to bits, so I decied to try out a fair few new things!

Photographs kindly taken by
Lucy May Constantini

First, my writer and artist chum Bríd Wyldearth had asked me about the 'good over evil' context of the story and was that what I believed, that a person is either good or evil ... NO, that is not what I believe but somehow I had put POP in the fairy ring for keeps! I've got a sneaky feeling that he maybe represents someone in my life who I would rather like to trap inside a fairy ring and make invisible! She suggested that I open up the debate, and ask the audience to decide
what happens to him.

So I did! For the first time ... I wasn't sure how they would respond, but the children and the parents loved being in control of the ending ...


I had such amazing feedback. I was so moved and excited because as a writer, I gauge my work by sharing it with others and feeling their response.

Off course I went wrong a few times,
but I hope I managed to keep my inner calm
and weave myself out of it!

I also used my brand new mood drum which I have 100% fallen in love with.

Oh, and the other thing I did which was new, and that I really enjoyed, was my opening.
I saw a post on facebook saying that for every new story, a fairy is born, so we welcomed in the story using my Mood drum to embrace the 13th hour, the fairy hour ... I asked the audience to come down to the fairy circle by the 13th strike ...
So, all in, t'was an AMAZING experience

How to get out of a fairy ring!
A very hand thing to know should you ever find yourself trapped inside one!

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