Saturday, 14 September 2013

Telling Stories

One of the things that I did not expect during the Quilt-a-thon was all the lovely stories that people took their time to tell me, once they knew I was an author.

This one in particular grabbed me told by a passing gentleman who was visiting the Garden on his holiday with his wife ... I will try to tell it as he told me, but it won't be as funny without his actions!

One day the children came downstairs for breakfast to find their boiled eggs ready in the cups, but when they cracked open their eggs, something very strange indeed happened!

The eggs got bigger & BIGGER ...

The children looked inside ...

Still the eggs got bigger and BIGGER taking up the whole table; nearly reaching the ceiling.

'Let's climb up & take a look inside,' they squealed.

And when they managed to reach the top and peer in ... they fell ....


Deeper and deeper they fell into the yolk, swimming round and round.

In the distance they could hear a voice calling them,

'Come on children, get up!'

It was Mum. Thank Goodness it had all been a dream

'What's for breakfast Mum?' they asked.

'Boiled eggs today, my loves.'


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