Saturday, 28 September 2013

Purple Alchemist

 Sharron Jones is an artist & designer and her specialist skills in textiles were absolute fairy magic for the Quilt-a-thon. Can you imagine designing a logo on the computer and then watching as someone creates that flat image into the most delicious and tactile piece of artwork! I was blown away!

All of these foto's were taken by Sharron as she sprinkled her magic ... 

This is how she started out ...

Then Sharron Jones started working her fairy magic

Sharron has a Group Page on facebook called 
The Purple Alchemist

Making the logo toadstools ...

And then bringing her special magic to the centre piece of the quilt
My Fairy!

 Thanks a million squillion Sharron!

Me & Sharron in The Great Glasshouse
Foto kindly by Maria Davies
Shootz by Maria

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