Monday, 15 July 2013

Making Magical Logo's with Lo-tech & fairy dust

This is what I really wanted my
Tethered Fairy Ring Story Blanket

to look like, only round,
in soft but heavy calico, quilted ...

... with bell & shell tassels around it.
But as I explained in an earlier blog, that just isn't financially an option for me just now.
So instead I will use my design as a logo.
I think it could also work as the book/CD cover
How did I make it?
With low tech and fairy dust!
Here's the lo-tech bit ...
First I found a fairy stencil on line.
I spray painted her ... 
then I drew in a ukulele


Then I found a non-copyright mushroom that I liked the look of.
I printed them all out and made the design with  UPVA & bits of paper
on a A3 pad.
You can  still see the glue drying on this pic!

Now then, here's the hi-tech fairy dust!
I photographed it on my Samsung 3 and used an editing app to age the photograph.
Then, to experiment, I kept on saving it and applying another effect. And ended up with the one below ... which I also really like.
Then I put  both of my designs on facebook and asked my friends which they preferred.
They said ...
The one at the top of this page ...
which I tend to agree with ..
but I have a cunning plan for the grey/silver one! (which someone on fb suggested would look nice with glitter/sparkle on it, I like the sound of that and may give it a go.) 
In phase 2, when a fairy brings me the funds to make it so, I am going to do some very exciting things with shadow puppets & shadows generally, and make a film from them for The Tethered Fairy Ring ... and I think this darker logo  would be perfect for that!
Top tip: Bank your ideas!
I never, ever put an idea in the bin ...
in a lifetime, you'll be surprised at how handy a bank of ideas might be!

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