Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dogs & Hip Hoppers! Pop Up Photo Shoot!

'QUICK!! The sun is out!!!'
We rush upstairs & start bringing props into the garden, ready to video me playing The Tethered Fairy Ring . That way, promoters and other such people wishing to book me & my L'il Ol' Ukulele, will have a bit of an idea as to what it's all about.
We set it all up, the video camera is charged & ready. I have a run through with Jeff & tell him exactly what I want him to film. Great!
I rush upstairs have a bath ... well, a gal likes to be clean when she's going to be video'd ...
I iron my frock, mostly because my mum would shudder if I was going out of the house in a creasy dress, let alone on a blog ...
Good to go, sun is still shining as brightly as she possibly can.

I set up my digital recorder and hide it under my frock so that I have a live recording to go with the video.
We have sunshine, I am clean, the video is set, the digi-recorder is recording ...
And with that,  the dog's chorus starts!
I have never noticed a dog's chorus in our quiet leafy, hamlet before, but every time we hit record, off they go, one at a time, for miles. Humph!
We come indoors.
'They've stopped,' I shout gleefully and we run outside.
Sunshine? Check. Video? Check? Ok ... Action!
And with that the neighbours start their hip hop house music at full blast and pile into their garden laughing and shouting and having a very lovely time, no doubt. This wakes up the sleeping dogs, who start all over again!
I look at Jeff. He looks at me.
'Photo shoot?'
'Aye,' he says and goes to get his camera.
Thanks Jeff Beer, gotten some lovely shots.
We're going to get up before the dogs and hip hoppers tomorrow morning and try to make the video again!


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