Monday, 15 July 2013

Fairies on Fire & Fliers

Time to tell the world that ...  
The Tethered Fairy Ring
Now I could have just scribbled a note
on a postcard ...
... but I wanted it to be fairy-tastic!
So I needed to come up with ...
A cunning plan.
And like all cunning plans
 ... it started in the kitchen!
Under the grill to be more precise!
Having designed the flier I wanted it to look authentically burnt! I remember doing this for a project in junior school so thought ...
 ... it would be easy enough ... just put it under the grill and ....
Woops! Nearly burn the house down!!!
Do NOT do this at home kids!
So after a lot of ashes and words that should not be repeated, I ended up with the one above ... which for some reason wouldn't go brown at the edges of the paper ...
Not to worry, nothing  that an old teabag
can't sort out ...
Then out into the back garden for a foto shoot ...
And now I have put my favourite 3 as samples on facebook to see which people like the most. Facebook is great for a bit of market research ... and to see if people like the one I like.
Which one do you think works the best for letting people know they can now contact Michael Kennedy  at
or ring him on 07561 104093
to book me to bring fairy-ness to their door?

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