Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Away with the fairies ... does the story work?

The only way to tell if a story works ... is to tell it!
The Tethered Fairy Ring's very first airing was at Ammanford Theatre as part of Ffocus FFwrnes
These little girls loved it. I told them the story and then asked them to guess the characters as they came along in the ukulele performance.
They got really excited shouting out the names of the characters.
Ammanford Theatre foto's by Lucy May Constantini
It was enchanting.

Then I took The Tethered Fairy Ring to World Within a World Festival at Cwmdonkin Park to celebrate No.5 Dylan Thomas Birth House.
This lovely photo was kindly taken by Lazarus Carpenter.
Then, the very beautiful Mathew Belcher from Swansea Ukulele Group asked me if I would come and perform the piece in a quiet place in the park for a group of ukulele players.It was a very lovely experience and taught me a lot!   
Thanks a million Mathew, you rescued my little heart that day.

When my friend asked me to perform at his joint 110th Birthday Party ...

The Fairy Ring came with me & we had such fun.
I was amongst lovely like minded chums whom I love very much so it felt gorgeous.

The next outing for The Tethered Fairy Ring was ...


  at  People's Kitchen near Lampeter ...
 .... organised by a very beautiful soul
called Lunar Rage.
This was an AMAZING experience.

I was a lot more confident in the piece now.

Then I gave the Tethered Fairy Ring the biggest tester of all:

I performed it for 40 school children from Bigyn Primary School, funded via Arts Care Gofal Celf as part of the advertising for Ffocus Ffwrnes Family Fun Day, and then gave them all a ukulele lesson.

I now knew the story well enough to break within it, include the children more and to adapt it to fit the different concentration spans.

I asked them to leave feedback and it was all very positive. They really liked the story and equally, fell in love with  my L'il gang of ukes!


Then last week, I had a cuppa with Bob Edwards, who will recognise as POP from an ealier blog.

I performed just for him ...

I didn't have my ukulele with me but he loved the story and that absolutely meant the world to me because  he was part of the original inspiration for my piece. He is also a very creative person, who through working with me on lots of different projects in recent years, has become my friend.  His creative opinion means a lot to me.
And now I have written a few new themes into the story line and weaved the Waxcap Wizard into the composition, I reckon my Fairy Ring is almost a complete circle & is undoubtedly tethered to my roots now, in  every way.

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