Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fairy Dust & Wishes: Sheet Music Design Ideas

The design for the front cover of my sheet music for The Tethered Fairy Ring will be based on 'The Daffodil Fairy'. This little book was read to me by my Mother when I was small, filled with flower fairies and rhyming couplets, it captured my imagination. Particularly the Daffodil Fairy, as the National flower of Wales and being that the story is based on the West Wales Coastlin, it seems very apt indeed.

But the colour will be faded/aged and look very old as if it were printed in 1965 the year I was born.
A bit like this version of 'In the Bleak Mid- Winter'

Being as I am Fifty years old next year in July, I will also release 50 vinyl singles of the Ukulele Overture itself. 

When I was small it was my dream to make a record and when I prayed to teh fairies to make it so, I did not have MP3's or CD's in my head, how could I? NO, I had little black 45'' singles in my mind's eye.

Now I can be my own fairy, making my childhood dreams come true in my Fiftieth year, so as to make room for a new set of  dreams for the next 50 years!

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