Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fairy Friends

Hello fellow fairy friends!
So sorry not to have written for a bit but things have been settling here! 

The Tethered Fairy Ring & I packed up and moved to South Wales so that we could go to University in Cardiff. 

My intention is to develop The Tethered Fairy Ring within my MA Drama specifically looking at how to offer depth within my storytelling, rather than linear experiences. 

I also want to build an interactive experience for the audience so that they are transported into the story. 

So, I have put my Fairy Ring to sleep for a bit and am working on my first adult story called 'Mother Moon' and this will be the basis of my first assessment in January. 

If I use The Fairy Ring for the first assessment then I am not able to use it again and I want it to be the all singing, all dancing finalé to my MA in August/September.

For details of how the development of 'Mother Moon' is going, you can pop over to

Meanwhile, my set has become my furniture in my new pad!

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