Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pimp my Fairy Ring


Ukuleles are very nifty little instruments especially for fairies with little fingers.

 I know this for sure because, as you know  
I have composed The Tethered Fairy Ring as a poem for the  little strum-tastic with 4 strings. 

So, you can imagine, I was chuffed as fairy cakes when Robert Vi from Men's Sheds sprinkled some of his magic dust on me and gave me my very own ukulele kit to decorate 
so that I could join in with


Now then, I don't want to show off, but I just have to show you what happened when I put on my fairy fingered thinking cap and started paper maché-ing my ukulele kit. It took me a very long time of concentrating very hard to make it ...

T'is rather lovely isn't it.
The music is from the notation that the very lovely Susan Berry did for me.

Me and Susan are winging it over to Lower Normandy in France next week to play the piece and celebrate the publishing of 50 limited edition copies of the sheet music.

The world is full of fairy folk, you know.

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